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The Japan Chemical Exporters and Importers Association

Introductory Message

 Welcome to Japan Chemical Exporters and Importers Association(JCEIA)website.

 JCEIA has been reorganized into a“general corporate juridical person”(a kind of public corporation) on April 1st,  2012, being permitted by the Prime Minister, based on the 3 public corporation reform Acts. Recently, regulations on chemical substances have been reinforced for safety control, environmental protection, security export control and so forth. Under these circumstances, JCEIA plays an important role to activate exchanges between the chemical trade industry and government offices, and supports the JCEIA members' efforts to comply with various laws on chemical matters management.

Activities of JCEIA

Ⅰ. Activities as an Industrial Group of Chemical Exporters and Importers

  Production, export, import, selling, use or transportation of chemicals are regulated by many laws, e.g., Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of their manufacture etc.  Poisonous and Deleterious Substance Control Act, Ship Safety Act and Civil Aeronautics Act, in order to ensure security or to protect environment.
  Furthermore, although export is free in principle in Japan, some chemicals are regulated from aspects of security export control and other reasons ( international commitments or the like),as listed in the table 1 and 2 of Export Trade Control Cabinet Order based on Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. It becomes increasingly important for companies handling with chemicals to comply with these laws.
 These laws are put into force by government authorities , such as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Laws above mentioned and related cabinet orders or other rules are often amended.

  To cope with these circumstances, various activities are now conducted by JCEIA.
 JCEIA delivers information sourced by various ministries or agencies to the members, keeping close contact with those, and submit proposals on administrative policies, to relevant government authorities, by summing up the member's opinions in the committees or the working groups within JCEIA. JCEIA also makes research or gathers information on chemicals regulations in foreign countries, dispatching a research team to foreign countries if necessary.

Ⅱ.Support to the Member's effort on Compliance

  1. Consulting services

  JCEIA provides consulting services to the JCEIA members for free, answering to inquiries by E-mail, telephone or through face to face meetings, mainly with regard to regulation compliance issues. JCEIA also gives advices to the members how to judge if an export cargo falls under any item defined in the table 1 or 2 of Export Trade Control Cabinet Order.

2.  Seminars and Lectures

  JCEIA holds seminars or lectures for not only the JCEIA members but also non-members. Various topics are picked up timely such as safety control, environment protection, security export control related issues, or the like. These are carried out, mainly in Tokyo and Osaka, being lectured by government officials and specialists in various fields or JCEIA. These were held around 40 times, receiving about 3,000 attendants every year. JCEIA also organizes study tours to visit physical distribution facilities of chemicals in Yokohama port and Kobe port.

 3. Providing Information

  JCEIA delivers information to the members by E-mail,   such as enactment or amendment of laws, requests for collecting public comment on these, notification of new policies, or kinds of questionnaires, by government organizations.
  JCEIA puts“Export-Import Customs Statistics Data base”made of both detailed and macro analysis data on JCEIA website for the member 's use.
  And, JCEIA publishes books, "Outline of Domestic Regulation Laws on Chemicals "and" Retrieval List on Security Export Control and Others".


1.  Application to be a member of JCEIA

 Anyone who wishes to join JCEIA can apply using the application form shown on the web site.
The membership will be given when the application is approved by the board of directors of JCEIA.

  Admission fee is ¥50,000. Annual membership fee is prescribed by the rule of JCEIA, according to annual sales amount of chemicals(for example, the lowest case is ¥300,000).

2.  Members of JCEIA

 216 companies (June 4th, 2019)

 (exporters, importers, manufacturers, distributers, transporters and other export-import related companies, including foreign companies)

3. Contact Point

Japan Chemical Exporters and Importers Association
3rd Floor, Access Bldg. 2-33-8 Nihonbashi Ningyoho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013, Japan
Tel: 03-5652-0014, Fax: 03-5652-1187

 Website: http://www.jcta.or.jp/

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